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Meet Paul...

Hello. I'm paul and I've been the bass player for nearly 3 years.
In the early 80's I lied about my age and got a job pulling pints in the vines. One night a couple of lads said they were starting a punk band and needed a bass player so I emptied my post office account, nicked a tenner out of my mums purse and bought a bass. 🎸

10 Q U E S T I O N S 

Q1. What is your favourite song The Halos plays?

AC/DC - Love it when you can hear everyone joining in on the chorus.

Q2. What is your favourite song The Halos doesn't play?

I'd love to say something cool and rock but if it's not on paul youngs non parlez album I'm not interested.

Q3. Who influences you the most?

My family.
They are my biggest fans and my harshest critics. Gigging and rehearsal can take up a lot of time and without their support it's not possible.

Q4. Who is your all time favourite artist?

Sang like Michael Jackson, Danced like James brown, Played like Hendrix - Prince!

Q5. Do you have a favourite gig?

In the late 80’s I was playing in a successful rock band in Notts.
We landed a gig supporting a pretty big band from America. Tickets sold in the thousands and my mum got pretty excited and badgered my dad in to taking her. He was supportive, but in a get your hair cut and settle down sort of way so I was nervous about him coming. He didn't say much about the gig, just that it was ok but not his cup of tea.
About ten years later my dad was taken ill at work and I had to go and fetch his car and belongings. When I opened his locker door there taped to the inside was a poster from the gig. So yeah that one will always be special.

Q6. What is your pre-gig routine?

I'm a crap bag of nerves so if everyone just leaves me alone I'm all good. Sorry 🙈

Q7. Any other hobbies besides rocking out in The Halos?

Family time is massive to me and anything outdoors and I'm happy. I also read a lot.

Q8. What would be your dream gig?

I have a recurring dream where the foo fighters bassist is crushed under a light rig. I'm ready if they call.

Q9. If you could see any band this weekend, past or present, who would it be?

Would have loved to have been at the Nirvana MTV unplugged show.

Q10. Where do you see the band in 2 years time?

With the new singer and new songs things just seem to be getting better and while we are moving forward and progressing I'm a happy bunny.

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